My Journey

After a 20-year career in industry and sport, I became, what I call ‘a business catalyst’ in 1999, offering consultancy, facilitation, coaching and mentoring. My aim being to rapidly help people develop their performance and reach new levels of achievement.

In industry, I have worked with a wide range of organisations from HM Passport Services, Experian, Assi Domain, Hess, Mitsubishi, and Dropbox to a range of rapid growth SME’s. In sport I have worked at elite level in athletics and swimming, while in Motorsport I have worked in Formula 1 and other senior categories including endurance racing and Le Mans.

Today I help clients and their organisations to improve business performance through leadership programmes, facilitation and coaching. By the bespoke nature of how I work and the breadth of experience I have gained in a dynamic career I have enjoyed supporting my clients through a range of challenges including rapid growth, mergers and acquisition and re-organisation programmes.

As an executive coach, I work with from manager to CEO level in both corporate and not-for-profit organisations.  My main areas of focus are: leadership, performance improvement, career transition, rapid change, planning & delivery. 

Blending business pragmatism with an ability to quickly assess, analyse and develop strategies, I offer a coaching style that is stimulating and impactful. Having lived and worked in Europe, USA, South East Asia & Australia; and in a variety of sectors including Healthcare, Motorsport, Electronics, MoD, Utilities, Energy & Food Packaging sectors, including Oxford Instruments, Goodyear, NTG, Airtech, United Utilities, and Metal Box I have a good appreciation of diversity and cultural integration.

I maintain a keen interest in leadership, human performance, talent development, successful change, managing risk and conflict, and speak on these subjects at conferences in UK, Europe, India, Asia and USA.

Clive brings a versatile approach to his work in Performance Management and Development, Coaching, Mentoring, Facilitation and Consultancy.  His experience in working in professional sport and delivering rapid and significant business growth in a number of business sectors provides clients with a variety of insights and stimuli to the challenges they face.

“Through his range of coaching and consulting experience combined with his impressive business management experience Clive offers a versatile and dynamic element to tackling the challenges organisations face.  His insightful and lateral thinking can often be the catalyst that enables progress to be made.


Client: Design & Manufacturing Company

Industry: Healthcare

“We needed our young design & manufacturing company, borne out of technology innovation, in a fast-growing sector of the personal healthcare market to gain early traction while growing rapidly.  Our product was innovative and our new management team needed to set themselves clear, stretch objectives to achieve 30% CAGR growth year on year. Clive quickly helped to gel the team, facilitated setting clarity of direction and through their leadership programme provided the team with the tools & confidence to use them.  It was a great effort all round”.   

VP International Business

Client: Design & Manufacturing Company

Industry: Industrial Materials

“We had developed an exciting 5-year business plan which required the management team to move out of their comfort zone of being reactive rather than proactive.  Also we needed to move away from the MD being the specialist the team defaulted to.  We engaged with Clive Steeper to facilitate our monthly management meetings and provide 1:1 mentoring on an as required basis.  Clive was excellent, he challenged us all to examine our roles, our preferences and ‘raise the bar’.  All of this was done in the context of achieving our plan and harnessing the strengths and abilities of ourselves and our organisation.  Today we now have a small group of international businesses, a broader range of services in new markets.”

Chairman & Chief Executive

Client: Global Oil & Gas

Industry: Energy

“Clive was challenged to walk the line of challenging HR thinking and reflect to them what World Class Performance could look like.  A difficult task, handled well.”

VP, Human Resource

Client: Medical Research Organisation

Industry: Healthcare

“Following investment our business was in transition from an academic to a commercial contract research organisation as well as growing significantly our project + organisational skills were being tested!  We needed to help our functional heads develop their management skills and Project team-working rapidly.  Clive’s learning & development programme proved to be instrumental in providing the leadership with the tools, techniques & confidence to improve our working practices and collectively tackle the challenges we faced.”  

Company Director

Client: Sustainable Food Producer

Industry: Food

“Clive’s workshop on leadership was specific and relevant to our strategy as well as to our leaders and our teams today.  His blend of humour, light touch and gravitas demonstrated his experience and success. Touching on some difficult subjects, Clive’s every word was weighed, deliberate, worth listening to. I enjoyed the cerebral challenge.”


Corporate Clients

Small Medium Enterprises

Not For Profit

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