Motorsport News May

It’s the start of a new season so I am full of optimism and cannot wait to get back to full speed out on the tracks around the UK and Europe. The first race in the Sports 2000 Pinto Historic Sprint championship is at Snetterton on the 300 circuit layout.  During the winter, we have serviced much of the car and made some minor improvements.

I qualified a rather disappointing 4th, which was largely due to my poor choice of gear ratios.  I made a good start and managed to avoid a couple of fellow competitors who wanted to share the same piece of tarmac and settled into a great dice with last year’s champion Colin Feyeraband only to spin in front of him after I had just managed to get past him.

After that spin I battled back to finish 3rd in the Pinto Historic class – not a bad start.


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