Monthly Archives: October 2018

Clive Steeper wins Sports 2000 Pinto Historic Championship

The final two rounds of 2018’s Sports 2000 Championships were held at the illustrious Brands Hatch circuit on Sunday 21st October. At one of the two races, Clive needed to finish within five points of his nearest rival, Colin Feyeraband to assure victory. The championship is an eight race series of which a competitors, seven best […]

What does it take to be a master coach?

What are some of the lessons learned by those who have achieved mastery in coaching?  This was a question I wanted to explore, when my coaching colleague Sue Stockdale and I talked to five AC Accredited Master Executive Coaches to find out what they learned about coaching over the many years they have been operating in […]

Who is responsible for helping you adapt to change?

Pull a string and it will follow you wherever you wish. Push it ahead and it will go nowhere at all. Eisenhower   What happens if you are the string in Eisenhower’s wonderful quote? Surviving let alone thriving during workplace change is a challenge for some, yet with help and support it is achievable.  All too often […]