Clive Steeper wins Sports 2000 Pinto Historic Championship

The final two rounds of 2018’s Sports 2000 Championships were held at the illustrious Brands Hatch circuit on Sunday 21st October.

At one of the two races, Clive needed to finish within five points of his nearest rival, Colin Feyeraband to assure victory. The championship is an eight race series of which a competitors, seven best races count.

Clive qualified sixth after having to pit due to a tyre deflation. Colin qualified seventh which meant a race was on.  Clive drove a conservative race intent on finishing, which he did and therefore won the Pinto Historic Championship for the second time.  He has previously won it in 2015.

For race two Clive was free to race without concern and he roared through to a strong third place overall, and second in class.

Season 2018 has resulted in Clive winning the Pinto Historic Championship and being ranked second Pinto overall, for all of the Pinto classes.

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