Client: Global Oil & Gas

Industry: Energy


“AVASST were challenged to walk the line of challenging HR thinking and reflect to them what World Class Performance could look like.  A difficult task, handled well.”

VP, Human Resource


Our client, an international energy company involved in Oil & Gas exploration and production, had reprioritised and reorganised its organisational structure in line with a major review of their asset portfolio. This resulted in recruiting new team members and appointing a new leadership team into their HR function. The new group of colleagues therefore had a range of experience from inside and outside the industry, specialist HR knowledge and length of service.

The Challenge

To present the new teams with a vision of the future, new paradigms, and encourage them to be involved in shaping their future. Additionally the challenge was to improve the HR talent pool.  The project presented many sub-challenges. 

  • It was difficult for all participants to define excellence in terms of organisational requirements
  • Communication and data gathering data from a dispersed group of employees in a variety of global locations; corporate offices, on-site some in very harsh conditions and many with a globe trotting role.
  • Dealing with a group of people where the business language was mostly US English, but their native 1st language is not necessarily English
  • Sensitivity to a variety of cultural, interpersonal and ‘political’ issues.


The project comprised 3 workshops over 3 months delivered in 3 continents. Each workshop was the same regardless of level of employee, being a blend of business games, group discussions (around core competencies, roles and career ladders), individual and team feedback.  The feedback sessions used outputs

at individual and team levels from the SHL OPQ32 Team Impact Report and bespoke business perception questionnaires.

The Team Impact Report was chosen as one of the instruments as it helps relate competencies to functional processes such as project management and preferred working and communication styles. 


The objective data collection via the OPQ questionnaire reinforced results from the observations made in the workshop exercises and provided the platform for deep and meaningful feedback to the teams. Each workshop attendee was given confidential feedback from their own Team Impact Individual Development Report together with coaching tips.

For the organisation and the individuals a fast track journey has begun to ensure their support to the business is closely aligned to the HR strategy.

The Global HRD received a dashboard review of ‘current state’ which he then took to the HR leadership team as part of an on-going review of the structure, talents and performance of the function.