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Clive Steeper speaks at Manufacturing Summit in Milan

On 4th June 2019, Clive Steeper was keynote speaker at the Manufacturing Summit at 24ORE Business School in Milan. His presentation enabled the audience to understand the impact of robotics, artificial intelligence and other leading advances on business, and in particular how leaders need to be able to adapt to this changing environment.

Who is responsible for helping you adapt to change?

Pull a string and it will follow you wherever you wish. Push it ahead and it will go nowhere at all. Eisenhower   What happens if you are the string in Eisenhower’s wonderful quote? Surviving let alone thriving during workplace change is a challenge for some, yet with help and support it is achievable.  All too often […]

Risk: All that Matters

Risk is all around us, and impacts us in many different ways. Typically people assess risk based on their perception of the number of options they have, the outcomes they value and what they believe will happen.   And in today’s media-led world, the availability and credibility of information can strongly influence how individuals and organisations […]

Further progress required for women on boards

According to the recent report Women on Boards, Voluntary Code for Executive Search firms, The business case for increasing the number of women on corporate boards has been widely articulated and is clear. Since the launch of Lord Davies’s original report there has been a step change in the perception and commitment of gaining more diversity […]

Moving from a large organisation to a small business

The working environment within a large organisation is quite different to a small business and it can take time to adapt if you are making the switch from one to another. This article outlines some of the differences and how to cope with this type of change. Situation Large Organisation Small Business Organisational politics Politics […]