Sue Stockdale and Clive Steeper – Published by Hodder

In these turbulent economic times, it seems that change is now, ironically, the only constant.

If you have found that your job has changed (or been lost) in ways that you cannot control, then this is the book for you. Whether it’s your manager, your job, your employment status, your working style, or your industry that’s changing, this book is full of practical tips. And it’s not written just for managers either – this book is written for people who are going through change, rather than those who are trying to implement it.

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“One part workbook, one part company manual, Cope with Change at Work presents a unique way of assessing and handling the inevitable changes that take place during a person’s career. You’ll be better prepared after reading Stockdale’s and Steeper’s new book.”

Marshall Goldsmith, million-selling author of the New Your Times bestseller
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

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