As a Business Mentor, I work to make a real difference to you & your business.  Unlike consultancy I will support and develop you by giving you access to my experience and business acumen.

A successful business mentoring relationship is one of being a trusted confidante working in partnership over the medium to long term to support the client and help develop the business.  Therefore, the chemistry fit must be right and the Business Mentor relationship should be all-encompassing and transparent if the full value of the Business Mentor is to be realised.

Included in my role as a Business Mentor is to:

  • Have regular meetings with you
  • Act as a sounding board for you to share your ideas, concerns and triumphs
  • Help you with decision making and strategic thinking for your business
  • Offer external, independent and secure perspectives

“As your Business Mentor, I have no ulterior motive—no service or products to sell to you. Through time our mutual trust will grow such that you can explore my experience and discuss the options and issues you and your business face.Then, as our relationship develops over time, our trust can grow stronger, I will become more familiar with you and your business, such that our conversations become more and more effective.Meetings do not have to be regular rather they can be flexible and reflect your needs. “
Clive Steeper

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