“I believe my effectiveness as a coach lies in my ability to accurately assimilate the clients ‘climate’.  Through the use of questioning, metaphors, diagrams, models and reference to personal experiences (storytelling) I help the client gain clarification and fresh understanding of their landscape, uncover new possibilities and identify ways forward.

In many ways, I am a catalyst who provides a safe place to express, examine and explore ideas and thinking.  This “off-line” opportunity to have risk-free open conversations has proved invaluable to many of my clients, especially those in senior, high-pressure positions within commercial and ‘not for profit’ organisations.”

How does coaching work?

The essence of coaching is to help clients unlock their potential or overcome constraints that are limiting their performance.  Underpinning Clive’s coaching is the belief that the client can solve their problems and through positive psychology they can shift mindset, remove constraints and reach new levels of performance.

My Coaching Expertise

  • 18 years providing executive coaching 
  • 8 years being an NLP Practitioner
  • 5 years as a coaching supervisor 
  • 20 years in business mentoring 
  • 25 years of organisational and business development
  • 10 years leading international businesses
  • Professional qualifications in both coaching and supervision

Clive is active within the coaching supervision community.  He is a member of the Group Supervision Network and works regularly with the Association for Coaching as a Group Coaching Supervisor (Programme: ACGSE – Association for Coaching Group Supervision Experience) and contributor to the AC’s international magazine – Coaching Perspectives

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