Having successfully led international businesses, worked in sport at elite level and been an executive coach for 18 years, Clive has a wealth of experience and skills to help you develop your performance.

Strategic management often begins with the question “How are we going to compete in this business?” and then requires the leader to set direction, create objectives and allocate resources to support the successful implementation of their plans. Sounds good in theory – yes?

Reality shows that in today’s fast-changing world, leaders then get bombarded with demands, questions, unforeseen distractions and new opportunities; all of which can be challenging to deal with, whilst trying to remain focused on the end goal.

What Clive Steeper does is provide the space for his clients to think, reflect and explore new approaches which can enable them to:

  • Deliver exceptional business results
  • Better lead complex fast-growth businesses
  • Achieve successful business mergers and acquisitions
  • Seize new business opportunities whilst maintaining focus
  • Adapt their leadership style to take the business forwards
  • Translate innovative ideas into practical solutions
  • Accelerate the development of their teams to deliver results

Using his blend of business experience, coaching skills and passion for performance, Clive Steeper helps clients to gain clarity, confidence and develop the capability to overcome their constraints and achieve their goals.

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